Monday, February 16, 2009

Spring, please!

Fresh Cut Mums Blouse
I am ready for Spring! It seems like the recession/depression has made things so dank and dark, I want Spring to come, Spring in the weather and the economy and the world! OK, maybe that's pushing it but just a thought.

Here are some pretty things to get you thinking of SPRING. Starting with another peasant blouse, made from Heather Bailey's soon-to-be-discontinued Fresh Cut line! I love this one. I especially love the grosgrain elastic. YES grosgrain elastic! Genius for something like this.

Charm Pack SWEETCharm Pack SWEET
Next, Charm Packs from Urban Chiks SWEET line. Yummy. I got two packs of 40, 5" squares today from Fancy Tiger. There are so many things you can do with these. I love these little pockets by Happy Zombie

Memoire a Paris by Lecien
I also picked this up from the SALE rack at Fancy Tiger, it's the softest cotton fabric ever and has this gorgeous flower print and it's called "Memoire a Paris" how much better could it get? This will be for moi. Probably a peasant blouse, how original.

And then some photos from my garden, past Springs and Summers. Ahhhhh.

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