Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Apron Apron

Mama's Feedsack Apron BACK
I found this fabric last year and just loved it, finally was inspired to make something with it! It's a very simple little smock apron. I think the pinks in the fabrics and trim compliment the simple design of the smock. It just looks like it's ready to help someone bake a cake!

It really looked terrible on my dress form, though. So in lieu of a model, I asked my husband to photograph me wearing it. But he was so comfy on the couch so this is the result. I have a cute neighbor who looks great in anything and I'm hoping to convince her to model some of these for me when we both have time.

I really love the back and the sweet little tie at the neck.

Mama's Feedsack Apron BACK

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