Thursday, June 30, 2011


Oh so many things going on, like work.  Work.  Work.  and GARDENING.  So little time to sew but here are some things I have managed to fit in...

Following up on my last post, the WIP, here is the finished shirt which I LOVE!!!!
HR Summer Blouse

We went to Boston the beginning of June to see my incredibly brilliant niece graduate from High School with a zillion scholarships, honors and she was valedictorian.  My brother's house had a gorgeous rhododendron in the front yard and I asked my husband to photograph me (in the HR Summer Shirt) in front.  Apparently a bee mistook me for a flower bush and started to attack.  Thus this lovely photo that makes my husband collapse in man giggles whenever he looks at it. 
That trip was so amazing, watching my little nieces grow into amazing women.  My younger niece has two more years of high school but is an amazing singer and is in the high school musicals each year with solos. 

We went to Woodman's for lobster, in Essex, MA one day
Explored Boston, Cambridge, went to Harvard, Little Italy, visited a good friend, saw the Holocaust Memorial
Went to Rockport, here's the apartment where my brother stayed his senior year in college, still there, still looks the same, same sign
Beautiful Rockport

AND in other news...
I decided to make a skirt.  I used Anna Maria Horner "Little Folks" voile, Forest Hills in Citrus, lined with the solid voile in Kiwi using this pattern from Altered Cloth which is a simple cotton/lycra waistband and gathered skirt.  I made it in 3 mornings before work, crazy, yes.

AMH Little Folks Voile Skirt

(Rosie has dependence issues)
AMH Little Folks Voile Skirt

I don't know if I made the skirt to go with the new shoes, or bought the shoes for the skirt, LOVE them regardless
AMH Little Folks Voile Skirt

Self-timer shot
AMH Little Folks Voile Skirt

WIP News....

One day I stumbled on this quilt and I fell in love and promised myself that one day I would make a flag quilt.  Seeing as it's nearing on the 4th of July, I pulled together all the red, white and blue fabrics that I thought would look good in a quilt like this.

Red, White and Blue

Next post.... I had this idea of finding quilt inspirations by photographing architecture and other things in my city and neighborhood.  This will be in my next post!  Stay tuned...