Sunday, June 21, 2009

Showing Off

OH MY, I am so flattered! The person who bought the gnome quilt from my shop sent me a photo of her son wrapped up in. So adorable, I just want to hug him!


Far Far Away Quilt with Linen

I finished piecing and backing the quilt and quilted it this morning! It was very easy to quilt the double gauze, it doesn't move as much as regular quilted cotton which kind of helps, I didn't need as many pins.

I have some tangerine Garden Pindot binding from Michael Miller on it's way for the binding, I held a scrap up to the quilt and it's perfect! I'm going on my second roll of this same color binding, I think I have an orange fetish.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Far Far Away Quilt - green

OK, my means for paying for fabric and sewing supplies (aka the JOB) is taking way too much of my time and energy lately. But I seem to find time to buy more fabric and today I finally pieced this quilt, calling it the Far Far Away Citrus quilt, I just love the lime and tangerine linen combined with the double gauze from Heather Ross' new Far Far Away line.

I used my VW Bus pattern and just substituted other fabrics. I didn't plan this one, just did each row one at a time, cutting, piecing and sewing to the previous strip. I enjoy doing it on the fly this way. My day job is so technical and precise that I have to escape that when I sew.

I got my first batch of these fabrics from Super Buzzy and Pink Chalk fabrics but I've seen some good deals elsewhere on the web. It's pricey but beautiful.