Saturday, June 20, 2009


Far Far Away Quilt - green

OK, my means for paying for fabric and sewing supplies (aka the JOB) is taking way too much of my time and energy lately. But I seem to find time to buy more fabric and today I finally pieced this quilt, calling it the Far Far Away Citrus quilt, I just love the lime and tangerine linen combined with the double gauze from Heather Ross' new Far Far Away line.

I used my VW Bus pattern and just substituted other fabrics. I didn't plan this one, just did each row one at a time, cutting, piecing and sewing to the previous strip. I enjoy doing it on the fly this way. My day job is so technical and precise that I have to escape that when I sew.

I got my first batch of these fabrics from Super Buzzy and Pink Chalk fabrics but I've seen some good deals elsewhere on the web. It's pricey but beautiful.

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