Friday, May 1, 2009

Orange and Green

Bias Apron101_7034

There's something about this color combination that I really love. I just finished two aprons using a southwest or Mexican motif fabric and ordered more which I'm planning on using to make a funky ruffled apron complete with tulle, how fun is that!?! OK, well I think it's fun!

Tulle Moment


  1. These aprons are great! I am also a huge fan of this color combination!

  2. Wow, I love these, for many reasons. 1) Green & orange are my favorite colors, 2) I grew up in Tucson so Mexican kitsch makes me feel homesick, and 3) the aprons are just fabulous!

  3. I love these, orange and green are my favorite colors too:) Does it count that Mexican is my favorite cuisine too? Puts me in the mood, yummy!

  4. Found you on Flickr. Just popped in to tell you of an oh-so-charming little magazine article about aprons, including a beautiful illustration of vintage aprons. It came from Country Home, back in 1994.
    2nd post down on my Site. Enjoy! : )