Sunday, April 12, 2009

FEATURE: Oh, Fransson! Quilting by Machine

Detail of Quilt

I pretty much taught myself how to machine quilt using the free-motion technique. I did make one trip to the sewing machine store where I got some great tips, but everything else I learned by googling and youtubing.

Today I stumbled on a new blog post on Oh, Fransson's for a Quilt-a-Long with detailed step-by-step sections for each stage of making an adorable mod sampler! Please go check it out.

What I really liked was the section where Elizabeth describes machine quilting, everything I learned by trial and error is right there! Fantastic. If you are just learning or even if you know how, you have to read this. And the last step is making and sewing on seam binding, again all simply explained! And you get to see all sorts of her gorgeous quilt projects used in the examples. I am SO impressed.

Also be sure to check out the Mod Sampler Flickr page for posting pics of quilts you make using the tutorial.

Isn't the internet great?

(BTW, this is my first ever attempt at machine quilting, before I got my new sewing machine, eeek)

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