Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stacked Coin Quilt in Progress

Free Motion

I am working on a stacked coin quilt, using the Snippets charm pack, actually I used two full charm packs for this. I used Kona cotton in white (I think it's called snow) on the front and Kona premium muslin for the back. The premium muslin is to die for. It's so soft and silky and was $9.00/yd (but was 108" wide as well). I am going to look for this more often. It comes in white or natural.

I'm using variegated thread which is really fun, it's called "pastel" but the colors look a little brighter on the white fabric.

The thread was giving me tension issues on the bottom for awhile and I did everything I could think of; adjusted the tension up, down. Put in a new needle. Re-threaded the machine. Finally I re-threaded the bobbin. I guess that was it, no tension problem!

I hope to post the finished quilt soon but it's been a long week at work so I've been too tired at night to sew.

You can get an idea of the thread in this last photo.


  1. your coin quilt is an inspiration. Thanks for commenting on my photo. I think I must be crazy to be hand quilting too! Since I'm just learning how to use a frame my stitches have gone from long and irregular to small and tidy. in the end it might be a little bit of a funny quilt.
    I love looking at your blog and your photos. That new material is beautiful.
    cheers, and happy sewing.

  2. beautiful quilt! I wish I had the time to make just one more thing...