Friday, March 27, 2009


Sawtooth Nine Patch Quilt Top

I started this quilt probably 10-12 years ago. I promised myself I would only use fabric scraps I already had and not buy anything new so there are many memories here. I still have not quilted it because I thought I would hand quilt it (hahahahahaha) and now that I am loving machine quilting, I just need to get it done. I am no longer a fan of "traditional" quilt patterns but would still like to finish this and keep it. It fits a queen size bed, too! Maybe for a guest room quilt. The pattern is called Sawtooth Nine Patch and I made it from a book called "Quilts from America's Heartland".

Some of the fabric history on this quilt includes:
  • The calico fabrics are from the early 80s from the quilt I started in 1981 for my then boyfriend.
  • The dark blue batik is fabric I bought in Cameroun, W. Africa when I was doing missionary work there in 1986. I also made a dress from it which I still have.
  • The blue floral is Liberty of London which I used to drool over in a shop in St. Louis where I grew up. I still remember buying this piece, off a big long spool. I made a blouse from it but don't even remember what it looked liken now. This is all that's left.
  • The dark red Noah's Ark fabric is from a quilt shop in New Jersey where I lived in the early 1990s. I made pants and a vest for a niece or nephew from it.
  • The dark green Christmas fabric was from a dress or skirt I made my niece (who is currently learning to drive, eek)
That's all you can really see on this photo. Look at all those little bitty pieces! How did I find the time and patience?

Quilt Top

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