Monday, March 16, 2009

In the beginning...

First Quilt

I started sewing loooong ago when I was 10. My parents gave me my first sewing machine when I was in college and I've been pretty much sewing ever since. In 1983, right after I graduated from college, I joined a group of friends, including my Mom, we were all ages, in a "quilt group". I mostly did cross stitch at the time and one of the quilt group members designed and sold cross stitch patterns (she was the Cross Eyed Cricket for anyone who remembers that era!).

I had my first real boyfriend then and decided to make him a quilt. I started it in 1983. Hand piecing it (that means not using the sewing machine!) until we broke up. I later finished it when I was married, in 1994. The fabrics I used (YUK) were so cool to me at the time. I loved all things country (gagggg) at the time and was disappointed that my mother decorated our house so "modern"! (Thanks Mom for having good taste!)

I quilted hearts on every other square as you might be able to see in the photo. The back and binding are muslin, doesn't hold up well, the binding is coming off all over the place, also due to hand stitching.

I just happened to notice the quilt yesterday when I was ironing. I still use it for things like picnics, on the hammock, and in the house. I just had forgotten it's origins and it's age!

I'm glad we have such beautiful fabrics to use now. I stopped quilting because of the whole country stigma. I know some people may still love this look, I just don't.

VW Van Quilt Pieced
And in other news, my husband, who probably should have married Lilly Pulitzer and lived in Palm Beach if you saw his wardrobe, was wearing pink shorts yesterday. I finagled him into holding up my pieced PINK quilt. He has no idea why. hehehe

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