Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The American Look 1958

WOW, this movie is amazing! A blast from the past. Incredible marketing movie for American design of the 1950s. You have to watch the whole thing, it's 28 minutes long but worth it. A much simpler time in life.

I especially enjoyed, of course, the woman in her kitchen prancing in a typical 1950's sheer apron over her bell shaped dress (around minute 6), the brag about American technology around minute 8:50 (showing a weird panel of computer type keys, later is a rotary pencil sharpener and other gems), the massive pesticide spraying on fruit trees with voiceover about progress (hack, hack) and the last quarter of the movie shows how a Chevrolet is designed, staring at the concept of drawing (pastels on paper) to prototypes (made of clay, full-size! and exacted using plywood templates). The movie was produced by General Motors but the images and music are sooo classic 50s. And don't miss the very end where they attempt to predict what cars we'll be driving in the future, hehe. A gem. Enjoy!

Original movie link on Google Video
You can also see this in a better quality on YouTube, digitally enhanced, but it's been split into 3 parts. Just do a search on The American Look 1958.

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