Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fold Over Elastic

FOE Example

Most sewers have by now seen the Angry Chicken video on FOE (aka Fold Over Elastic). Once I saw the video, I just had to try it and ordered some up from one of the very few places that sell it, and they are online, Sewzanne's. There are also FOE sellers on Etsy. This was last year. FINALLY I decided to try it on a new blouse I'm working on for the shop. I love it! I can't live without it! I want to make everything with FOE!

Yes, I had a dull life, elastic makes me HAPPY. So here's my little blouse. It looks different from the elastic that you thread through but I like this look. I haven't finished the neckline but will use regular elastic in a casing because it's a large area and the FOE might look kind of odd.

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  1. there is a very wide assortent of FOE over at: almost 50 colors now available and prints as well!