Monday, February 2, 2009

A Nod to Fellow Etsy Sellers

All by my little self, I am out to save the economy! OK, not really but...

I'm amazed how many great products there are on Etsy and I have never yet had a bad experience! I ordered a few things recently and for some reason, they all arrived today, yippee! The mailman had to make a special trip to make the delivery, what a guy!

First is this little fabric mini from Etsy seller yaelfran who designs these adorable girls on lots of other surfaces and this is her first fabric and I got some, yay for me! All the way from Argentina.

Next is this shea butter moisturizer from Etsy seller SweetPetula, made from 75% shea butter. I actually got two of them, one in the fragrance Ginger Blossom and the other in Sweet P. They are a welcome relief to my winter weary hands.

Then from CuteAbility, these adorable cupcake earrings and a matching mixer bowl necklace. These are for my 13 year old niece's birthday later this month. She might just faint that she is getting them ON her birthday as I am notorious for sending gifts after the fact, sigh.

I HAD to have this Alexander Henry fabric called Granville with matching Fleur de Granville. It also comes in blues and a few other patterns but I was good and only stuck to these 2 yards. From FabricSupplies shop on Etsy!

And while we're on the topic of fabric I had to have... one more order arrived from FabricWorm, I'm really loving the Joel Dewberry woodgrain fabrics in bright colors and when I saw the combo of the orange woodgrain and the Alexander Henry Birdseed fabric, well, I think it was a match made in heaven. OK, maybe I'm going a little too far.
New Fabric

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