Saturday, August 8, 2009

Linen Gingham


I found this wonderful 100% linen in a gingham pattern today, one in small black and white check and one in larger orange and white, love it!

So to show you just how obsessed I am, I went to my fabric closet and was amazed at how many fabrics coordinated with the orange and white check! Here are some of them...

What I first thought of in the store was a combination with goldfish..
with HR fish

or gnomes...
with HR gnomes

Little did I know that it would also look great with senorita!
with AH Senorita

and Lizzy Dish!
with lizzy dish

and my beloved Freshcut!
with Freshcut

and funky summer in the city
with Summer in the City

with Lush Paint by Number

alright, deep breaths, calming down...

and lastly, this sweet Japanese canvas:
with Japanese canvas

I only bought a yard though. Anyway... someday I will stop photographing fabric and SEW. YAY.

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