Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pom Pom Confusion

pom pom package

I made wool sheep out of roving pom poms recently, using cardboard, low tech. Yesterday I bought a Clover pom pom maker for $7.50 which I thought would make it easier to make the poms. Well, it actually is easy! Once you figure it out. My first pom, very sad:

First attempt pom pom :(

The next few were made with the maker but I had to tie them after the fact which made it even more difficult than my original low tech cardboard method and the shapes were a little wonky. NOT understanding why anyone would buy this silly plastic thing, I do an online search.

first three

Voila! Thanks to Craft Critique (thank you thank you), I realize the instructions on the back of the package were very minimal and don't mention the most important step, which is to wrap the wool around BOTH plastic pieces. Although you can't really tell from this photo, this last pom pom was made quickly and is much more solid than the others, yahoo! Hoping to make a bunch of little sheep and then try replicas of my keeshonds. They almost look like they were made with a pom pom maker, hehehe.

pom pom success

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