Thursday, January 15, 2009

Heather Ross Fabric Obsession

My Heather Ross Collection

I bought my first H. Ross fabric earlier this year when one of my OFFs (online fabric friend, BTW, I made that up) announced a sale on the gnome and VW bus fabric at an online store so I bought gnomes, pink buses, dots and stripes. Recently I became aware how HTF (hard to find) this set of fabric has become! It's from Heather Ross' collection: Lightening Bugs & Other Mysteries fabric collection. Now of course, I want it all.

Not really but I did want some of the goldfish in bags and out of the bag. You can still find some on Etsy and eBay but it's really expensive, like $14.00 for a half yard or higher. After searching online for HOURs, I was able to find someone who wasn't selling it but offered to selling me 2 yards of each for $8.00/yd, woohoo!

Oh, and if you've never seen this in person, the fabric is really smooth and soft, I'm not sure why it's so different from other cotton fabrics but it feels like it should be pajamas or sheets. Perfect for a quilt!

OK, I am really obsessed.

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  1. I really really want some of the goldfish fabric. Any suggestions on where to get some for less than $14 for a half yard? :-)