Monday, January 12, 2009

Bottle Cozy


There is no end to what I can find to cover with linen in my kitchen. I already have an espresso machine cover and a mixer cover. Yesterday's project was the dish soap bottle cover.

The "neck" has a drawstring and folds down to accommodate bottle height. The tie is separate and can be tied around the bottle any way. I like the sleek way but you can also tie it around the "waist" and it cinches in more. I guess you could leave it loose as well. Anyway, gives a uniform look to my tiny countertop.

It could be funny the first time my husband looks for the soap bottle! He won't recognize it.

Dish Soap Cozy


  1. I need a pattern for a cuisinart cover and kitchenaid mixer cover. Do you have any I could borrow? :-)

  2. HA, I make them up! Notice there isn't a photo of the mixer cover? It's more like a drape. It worked but wasn't as nice as others I've seen.