Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dr. Who Craft Day

 It started with my niece's 18th birthday last week.  She is a HUGE Dr. Who fan.

Dr. Who Fabric-covered Bulletin Board
  Or as her mother said when I asked "Does she still like Dr. Who"  reply:  "Are you kidding?  She's obsessed!"  (her mother made her a Dr. Who case for one of her birthday gifts, a new ukulele, are you kidding me?  How cute is that?) Okay then.  WAIT WAIT, she's a 'Whovian'.  I didn't know there was a name for it.
My niece "playing" Dr. Who

Fez, screwdriver

That's my niece's face on the girl, cut from the photo above (sorry I don't know the characters!)
So I went off trying to figure out what I could get her, found this adorable toile on Spoonflower and bought a yard of the cotton sateen.  Someone covered shoes with it, but I wanted more of the design to show.  Thus the bulletin board.  I bought a regular cork board without a frame (much easier to deal with, IMHO) and used Mod Podge (regular, not the fabric Mod Podge which is for adhering fabric to fabric).  One problem I had was that in a few places where the Mod Podge was kind of thick, you can see the cork board, it made the fabric transparent.  Using a thicker fabric would have been better OR painting the cork board white first. 

Close up showing the awesome print design and the glued on ribbon.
When the front was dry (I waited overnight, I think you could wait an hour or so), I folded the fabric neatly around the back and corners and stapled it down with a staple gun.  I glued the loose fabric in the back with a glue gun.  Then I drew straight lines, using a ruler, and glued on the ribbon using the glue gun, LOVE that glue gun.  It's magical.

I also made little pushpins by attaching blue buttons on the end of a tack.  You can see them in the photo below.  I hope my niece likes it!
Finished bulletin board

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