Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Last May I took my niece to Barcelona as a gift for her high school graduation.  
I took a zillion photos.  In Barcelona, they speak Catalan.  
The word for "red" in Catalan is "vermell". 
Barcelona was a magical city.  
The food, the Mediterranean light, the architecture and the way people live their lives outdoors.  
In 8 days we barely scraped the surface of this amazing place.  
I can't wait to go back
We took a cooking class one day and made this red pepper (ñora peppers) with bacalao (dry cod, rehydrated), olive tapenade and fried cod skin.  I can almost taste it as I write that.
Iberico ham is similar to prosciutto.  It's everywhere in Barcelona, we had it on bread for breakfast.  This is a photo from the famous Boqueria market just off Las Ramblas.
Mariquitas (ladybugs) - chocolate of course.

Above the city is Parc Güell designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí in the early 1900s.  His work is characterized by mosaics, this is one on the wall near his house in  Parc Güell
La Boqueria, someone's dinner.

Rooftop view
Bougainvillea on a fence
A window on the way up to Parc Guell
My feet, sitting by the Mediterranean sea
Roy Lichtenstein sculpture near the beaches
I have this weird thing for graffiti.  I liked this one with the red on the side and black in the middle

A day on the beach - Costa Brava

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