Monday, January 17, 2011

St. Francis Watches my Pond in Winter

St Francis overlooking the winter pond

The ONLY reason I am writing today is because I have the day off work for the MLK holiday, YIPPEE!  However, work has put me into overdrive stress mode so it's like when you run a motor at high speed for a loooong time and then abruptly turn it off, it lets off a little smoke and just might not turn on again right away.  Yep, that's how I feel. 

I made a nice body print on the sofa this morning, multi-tasking between reading a book, surfing the net, all while watching episode after episode of My First Place  on HGTV until I wanted to buy my first place!  I was gently reminded that I was living in my first place.  Whatever.  I had to turn it off, then. 

Speaking of lazy people on the sofa, my husband and I just started watching LOST, (yes we were on another planet for 6 years and never saw ONE.SINGLE.EPISODE).  Anyway, we can't stop.  Last night I think we watched 4 episodes in a row, yikes.  We stream them on our TV from Netflix, it's like drugs.  You can't stop.  No commercials, 150 episodes available at the click of little finger.  It is fun though, we were so into it last night that we couldn't make dinner and ordered pizza and wings for dinner, from the internet.  NO TIME TO MAKE PHONE CALLS WHILE BOONE IS DYING AND CLAIRE IS GIVING BIRTH.

Starflower Quilt Block
But aside from being hooked on TV, I finally managed to do a little catch up on bee squares.  A starflower pieced square for Krissy in my red and aqua bee.  I cut all her fabric too small and had to re-do using my own fabric but I really love how they turned out.

And a few weeks ago I got super creative and finally had time to experiment with my idea of making "fabric paintings".  I hope to do more but have a few kinks to work out.  I cut out fabric applique and fused it to 100% linen, then used my free-motion foot to "draw" with black thread.  I stretched the finished picture over a canvas frame.  It's really fun to do and you might notice I used one in my new blog header.
Dutch Clothesline Fabric Painting

Last but not least, I am SUPER EXCITED to be on my way to Palm Springs in two weeks for the Heather Ross workshopLotta Jansdotter (swoon, my design hero) will be at our weekend and I just can't wait to bask in the rays of these fabric stars.

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