Friday, January 28, 2011

Little Brag

Photo Pillow

I am literally RUNNING out the door to catch my plane to Palm Springs for the Heather Ross super-cool sewing weekend when I get an email about this.

My pillow was featured in an article in the KC Times.  It was about Spoonflower, whom I love. 

MOST unfortunately, after two years, the boy on the pillow asked for a "break" from my niece, who is 17 and devasted, poor thing, young love SUCKS, sorry, glad I'm no longer there.  Anyway, I can't even show her the article now. 

I'll be back after the weekend to report on the FABulous star-studded weekend.  It might be more like a needle-studded weekend, hm, that doesn't sound right.  Well, I'm off to sit on my suitcase, way too many things in there....

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