Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Fabric from FANCY TIGER

I am obsessed with fabric. I admit it. I was SUPER excited when a friend asked me to make her a quilt because I need to buy fabric!!! Seriously though, I did look at my stash but decided nothing quite fit what she wanted.

Anyway... I was working from home and took my lunch break to drive across town to visit Amber, Jaime and the other Fancy Tigerans, (including Bronwyn, the pup) and also showed them my newest quilt since I bought most of the fabrics from them.

I have loved the Monaluna fabrics all along and the Monaco is to die for, especially in person. It's organic but it also just has the greatest hand, it's very crisp and the fibers are tightly woven I think.
Monaluna MONACO Fabric

So then when I got home, I looked through my stash to see what solids might coordinate and lo and behold, look what matches perfectly!
Fabric Stash

Oh, and it was about time I bought this Nani Iro fabric. I've been lusting after it for awhile and it is still in the store, I can't believe it! So here it is, living in my home.
Fabric Stash