Saturday, September 4, 2010


Nordic Snowflake

Now that winter is coming, I love knitted things like wool sweaters from Irish fisherman, and the like. I also love all things Nordic, wooly, cold and snowy. So when I saw this fabric, GASP, it was for me! Of course, I don't "need" any more fabric so I just got one yard of each. Not sure what I will make with it but think it would be great in a quilt square.

Merino babies

The company that sells it is Connecting Threads. They are SUPER reasonable price-wise and they use cotton that is grown in the U.S. which is nice for our economy. Oh and they have super cotton threads, too. They don't sell anywhere but on their website so scurry on over there and check it out while I knit me something.

Nordic Snowflake

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