Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Emerging from the fog....

And I finally finished "Brenda's Quilt" oddly timed, for her birthday which was yesterday! It will arrive, stuffed tightly into a large flat rate box, today and she has no idea that I was even working on it for her. She picked out the fabrics back in October. Eight months later....

Meanwhile I just finished 8 months on a grueling stressful project at work that suddenly let up last week (thus the blog title) and now I'm in that "what just happened" mode, trying to right myself after being on the merry-go-round too long and hoping that it stays calm for awhile. As I hope this, I am starting two new quilt projects, YAY.

PROJECT 1:   Stamps and Money quilt from the Kaffe Fassett book 'Glorious Quilts'.
Chartreusy Greens

I started this quilt last year by asking my Bee-Stitched members to make me one of the blocks. Next I have to finish up by making all these tiny squares into larger blocks and put it together into a 92 x 92 masterpiece.  Check out this one that I saw on Flickr.  I hope mine is that gorgeous.

Stamps and Money Quilt

PROJECT 2:   Birthday Quilt for my Sister (deadline: May 21).
Currently obsessed with above-referenced K. Fassett book, I have selected the Salad Days pattern for this quilt which is a very simple pattern made complex by the way the fabrics are combined. That's what I love about his quilts, the colors, they're like making a painting.
Salad Days quilt pattern

I'm planning on using my Za Za fabrics which I fell in love with after seeing this quilt. I'm surprised this fabric didn't get much attention, I LOVE the rich colors.
Erin Michael's ZaZa

And last but not least, I would like to share some blog love. Inspired by Greta, here are a few blogs that I love to read that maybe you should discover:

My great bee buddy quilty blogger friend Greta:
Because I Sew So

A crafty blog I found through someone else's blog list:
All Buttoned Up

Someone I started following after seeing her amazing house pillows, from Amsterdam:

Leslie, who started me on my Japanese fabric addiction and now has a precious baby boy:

Go share the love, now I have to go to work. Real work, not the fun fabric work.

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