Friday, October 1, 2010

Sewing Machine Attachments/Feet

New Book
I bought a new geeky sewing book recently and have decided to use some of my sewing machine feet that have been gathering lint in the feet box!

Sewing Machine Feet
So I found all my feet and identified each one. There were some I didn't even know their name! Anyway, here they are.

First, let me tell you about the ones I use all the time. They are:

1. Zig Zag foot. My Janome didn't come with a straight stitch foot so I use this one for both straight and zig zag stitching. My old Kenmore did have a straight stitch foot, you can see that one on the right.

2. Zipper foot. I have two of these, one from my Janome (the little square one) and one from the old Kenmore, which I kind of like better just since I'm used to it. It has a bigger foot thing that switches back and forth depending on which side of the zipper you're sewing on.

3. Darning Foot. This is what I use for free motion quilt. I recently broke mine and had to order a new one. Below is a photo of the old and the new one. I couldn't figure out what that little piece of metal wire on the top, that broke off, was SO important but it sits on top of the needle mechanism and moves up and down with the machine.

I circled the broken one so you could see what I mean:

4. Walking Foot. I don't use it often but it works really well when I need it! For quilting or sewing things that slip, like minky.

5. Ruffler. This is a pretty cool contraption that looks a little like a medieval torture device. And it does sort of torture my machine. As it moves and pulls in fabric to create and sew a ruffle, it really causes a lot of motion and I have to make sure it's screwed on tight, it has fallen off during stitching.

That's it! I have tried the rolled hem foot and it's very cool, I just haven't had much occasion to use it.

So, my assignment to myself is to find a few projects that will use these feet and I'll report back my findings to you afterwards.

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  1. Those mysterious feet .... I've been meaning to find out what are and what they do. I'll be interested to see what you can make with them.