Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter and Living Room Makeover

Here in Colorado we are just starting to see hints of green. My little rock garden crocus came up earlier this week before we got a blast of cool weather again but it's definitely Spring.

I've been so buy with projects like a complete living room makeover; painting, new furniture and everything. We're not finished yet but getting there. Here are a few photos of the adventure.

Although we have painted the walls, ceiling, stripped and repainted the window frames and got a few new pieces of furniture, we are waiting on slipcovers for the sectional. Once we get those, new curtains will have to be put up and I'll probably finalize what I want up on the walls.

Here are some before and after so far:
Living Room Makeover

Living Room Makeover

I found this funky little cabinet from Housefish and had to have it, we thought it would be perfect for the TV but still be usable later if we chose not to use it for the TV. It's really well-made, sleek and modern. The wood is walnut, doors are painted steel. However, the DISH box didn't fit in the cabinet and we couldn't use the remove if the doors were closed so I found this piece of glass that used to be a console table and I had it stored in the basement. I found 4 acrylic containers at the Container Store, filled them with river pebbles and voila! I was very proud of my little invention. Oh and the TV is new.
Living Room Makeover

My favorite part is finding new things to complete the look! The tax refund money was pretty much gone by the time we finished painting so I was looking for bargains and found a few. (rug was a splurge though I did get a super deal on it)
Living Room Makeover


  1. Wow! You did a wonderful job in renovating your living room. Repainting the ceiling and walls into white is the best move you’ve done. It makes the room more lively and breathable. Anyway, are the walls still in pastel color? :]

    1. Hi Randall,

      Yeah, I did the dark red during my "dark" period. :) The light is SO much better and YES it is still very much the same though it now looks like I need a second coat of paint but I just call it the cottage look.