Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Perfect place for a rocker and a cold lemonade, in the summer

Nice open great room, taken from the big kitchen

I really would love a new house. I look at houses ALL the time. I am living in my first home, that I bought alone, that I didn't intend on keeping when I got married. It's tiny and cozy with a huge yard and some days I'm really happy with that, and other days I want to pull my hair out.

Instead of sewing, I've been spending ALL my very precious and little free time looking at model homes AND looking at ways to remodel our current cottage.

About a week ago I went to the Martha Stewart model homes close to us. There are three of them and surreptitiously photographed each one as I walked through (with my new Droid). Of course, they are perfectly decorated with Martha's paints, furniture, linens, everything!

I can SEE myself waking up in the light filled bedroom, walking down the soft carpeted stairs into the great room and that big open kitchen, making coffee, sitting on the porch watching the new garden grow. There is a lovely little second floor room with an alcove where I would set up all my sewing things and look out onto the park while whipping up quilts.

Ah yes, dreams.

We COULD sell our house and move but I've lived here now for 11 years and the thought of keeping it neat and clean to show, not to mention fixing it up to show, and all that work, I just get depressed. I rarely have time to dream about moving, much less do it! Not to mention that bigger mortgage payment.

So I leave you, as I'm now late to work and my husband is asking me why I'm not getting ready, (um, because I am enjoying the garden, sipping coffee with my perfect non-shedding dog by my side? REALITY CHECK). Enjoy my little dream.

Master Bedroom, tastefully decorated with Martha furniture and linens

Master Bath with optional cabinetry which I LOVE

Perfect little crafty area

Perfect reading spot, overlooking park

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