Friday, October 9, 2009

Thanks and Inspiration Needed

Thanks for the birthday greetings everyone! I know I don't seem "that age" (I can't even say it). I was sort of a late bloomer and like my mother, I've always looked younger than my actual calender age. Part of it due to round cheeks, HA.

This is my parent's on their wedding day (I love Mom's shiny cheeks!)
Wedding Party

This is me with my now 16 year old niece in 1993 (more shiny cheekiness!)

And now Susie looks more like this (Surprise! Wearing an apron I made! And she hates this picture but it's all I could find at the moment.)
Susie Apron

And I look like this, hehe (YES I am wearing Munki Munki pajamas! NO I did not cut them up and make them into quilts. Ok, so I cut up another pair...)
Photo 9

Anyway, when my Mom was in her 20's, she had 3 children and people used to think she was the older sister taking her siblings out! When I was a recent college grad, I had someone at church ask me if I was looking for the 6th or 7th grade Sunday School classroom. I was mortified. Now I wouldn't mind so much. Maybe.

Anyway... I have hit a creative slump lately and I need a boost of something! I'm not sure what. Hm. I have a lot of fabric.


I had five whole days off work last week and spent most of it doing nothing! I did get a quilt top pieced for a friend's baby gift but it felt mechanical while I was doing it. I want to be INSPIRED.

Cowboy quilt top

SO if anyone has ideas on how to crawl out of a creative slump, please let me know! I'll be off punching in numbers at my desk, in my windowless government cubicle. Hm, wonder why I am not inspired?

Happy Wednesday!

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