Thursday, July 23, 2009

Starting the Top

Amy Butler Top and Linen

OK, I know I am SUPER SLOW but this summer has just been crazy. But starting today, I'm going to be walking through the making of this Amy Butler top! I went to my FAVORITE Denver shop the other day, Fancy Tiger, and Jamie the owner told me she made this top already and gave me some fantastic tips! For example, she said it was really long and she had to cut off a lot and that it was full and she took it in. These are things I will look for as I'm making it. It's made to fit lots of sizes so it's probably best to measure myself to the pattern.

SO, I decided after looking at all my cotton print fabric, that I would get more wear out of this top, and be able to wear it to work, if I made it from a solid. I have this gorgeous Irish linen collecting dust so it is being pre-washed right now! It is handkerchief weight but has more body than a cotton so I'm going to use one of the pictured Amy Butler prints as the facing/lining for the bodice. I can't wait to make this!

Also, Jamie told me it only took her 2-3 hours to complete so I should be able to crank this out soon.

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