Thursday, July 9, 2009

Picking the Fabric

AB Tunic Pattern
AB Tunic Pattern

I'm going to start on this pattern, yay! I have a lot of fabric but I narrowed it down to these two. Unfortunately, I don't have enough of the fuchsia martini but could pick up the extra yard I need pretty easily I think. I like blue and since this is for me, I think either color would work. And there is no law against making the pattern several times!

I considered using two coordinating fabrics because I like to mix and match. Looking at the pattern pieces, this would be possible to do using a different pattern on the top than the bottom. It could also be cute to put a different pattern in the pleated area but for the first time, I'll stick with one fabric.

This pattern is amazingly flexible in that it comes in sizes for girls size 7 through 12 and women size 2 through 22. In addition, for each size, you choose whether you want a dress, tunic, short or long top length! I am making the tunic top length in a size medium for women which is listed as size 10-12 with bust 36". The pattern includes waist and hip but I don't think it applies for this pattern.

The tunic top has a facing and though the pattern layout calls for this to be in the same fabric as the top, I might use a solid cotton for that part since it won't be visible. The facing is really a lining for the whole top part of the tunic which is nice, no messy seams showing.

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