Saturday, May 12, 2012

What up?

Juvenile squirrel watching me one day.  Obviously her or she is young because he/she didn't run away.
I just discovered the new Blogger look, yikers!  I thought I was web savvy but sadly, nooooooo.  Anyway, bear with my design here while I get used to it.  It looks amazing, just need to figure out how it works!

So I've decided to dust off the blog, oil the gears and try to do some more regular posting, yay me!

Here's a recap of things since my last post in 2011:

  • October - December 2012:  After three years consulting on a government contract, I left that job and took another government contract.  Um, really?  Big surprise that it didn't work out but lucky me, I had an offer come up in December that was amazing so off I went.  
  • January 2012:  New job, yay!  I'm working for a utility supplier on a new energy trading market which is SO cool.  Yes I am a geek.  All jobs have their ups and downs but compared to the government job, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one.
  • February through today 2012:  Acclimating to the new job, preparing for a trip to Barcelona, Spain, working on my quilt bee (Mod Mosaic Bee), doing the Spring garden thing, and house remodeling.
Here are Mod Mosaic squares I've made for other bee members

Stamps and Money Quilt
This is my WIP quilt from the Bee-Stitched Bee.  These are the blocks made for me by the bee, now I have to make another 24 blocks, woohoo.

Fish Reflections
This is a photo taken in the reflection of my fish pond.  I saw the tulips and the same color in the fish and thought it was so beautiful.

Like Father
Looking into a mirror on a hike with my father.  I am totally always taking photos of wildflowers! 
Laundry Day
I love photos of laundry drying outside.  My husband's shirts.

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  1. I love your pictures! I took one of a squirrel in Loveland Co. looks sort of like yours!! crazy..