Thursday, July 1, 2010

Urban Farm Euro-inspired LINEN Apron

It started when I saw "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" the other night and the gorgeous Penelope Cruz was wearing these amazing aprons all the time over her Greek peasant dresses (like Penelope Cruz could ever be a peasant!), anyway, I decided I must have one of those aprons and it must be in linen!

So I did what I always do, ordered a TON of fabric, all linen, 11 yards in all, gorgeous, dreamy, peasant-like colors with names like "asphalt", "willow" and "chardonnay".
Linen!  Washed.

Then I made my prototype, which I wore all day over a t-shirt and yoga pants. I loved it! It made me feel so much more feminine and I even used the pocket to pick roses out in the yard, it was great! I'm pretty sure I became Jane Austen for a short while.
Apron Prototype

After the prototype, I made a more polished version which is now in my shop.

Linen Urban Farm Apron


  1. Hi! I LOVE this!! I saw it on Flicker while looking through the SuperBuzzy stream and I've been searching all over the internet (I've seen both of your Etsy shops and have been going through this blog page by page - you are very talented!). Have you ever made a pattern? I'd love to try to make on of these but I'm pretty new to sewing and I'm not sure about improvising... About how many yards of linen did you use? I think this would also be a fabulous dress if it connected in the back. If you could write up detailed instructions I would buy the pattern! Very, very cool... :) p.s. I like it better than the one that Penelope Cruz has on in the film.

  2. Oops! I meant "one" not "on". I love the "prototype" the best, I think. I love the black. Which linen do you prefer: IL019 or ILO90? (If you can't remember, I understand - I've ordered from them once and asked them to label all the pieces but I still get confused.)


    Let's see if I can figure out what the next bizarre captcha phrase is supposed to be (it took three tried last post). :P

    1. Hey there, I am sorry for not answering this months ago. Thank you for the comment and though I do not have a published pattern, I did make one and maybe this will give me incentive to put a more formal pattern together. :) Mary