Wednesday, May 25, 2011



I am too excited about this not to post a photo.  I still have the final touches to add, the button and I have to close up the front placket (or find a cami to wear underneath).  The pattern is from Heather Ross' "Weekend Sewing" book that I got as SWAG from the HR Workshop in Palm Springs and the blouse fabric is from Kei Fabrics of Japan from my local Fancy Tiger.  Oh and the placket fabric and the bias around the neck were made from Monaluna Circa 50 organic fabric that just happened to match.

I'm one of the last to have finally jumped on this book and I'm really excited to sew more of the women's patterns.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Catching up

Herb garden planted yesterday, with marigolds

 Earthworms galore in my raised beds, turning the clay soil into magic dirt, makes me very happy

Tomatoes planted

Some projects I hope to start on today

RANDOM photos of my home

 Angela Adams duvet and shams paired with my quilt/coverlet

 View from our bedroom window yesterday

 Living room wall that needs repair/painting (I told you these were random)

 Fuchsia hanging from my front porch

 Hardwood floor in front of the door where it is worn and needs to be refinished

 View into my built in

 A corner of my kitchen