Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Apron Family Does Thanksgiving

OK, so I didn't plan it this way but I ended up getting most of the photos of Thanksgiving with everyone in aprons!

I "stole" this one from my shop and I love it. My new favorite apron.

I made the one my Mom has on for her last year. Dad has a man apron on, factory made. I think I need to make him one. Hubby didn't have an apron on so he didn't make it in the picture! (Notice my Amy Butler curtains there?)

And the star of the day! A twenty pounder, it was YUMMY.

I've been whining for years that I don't have a dining room, wah, wah, wah, but decided not to let that stop me from inviting my parents, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, to Thanksgiving. Wow. I didn't realize that I always just expect Mom to cook. Silly me. Mom was very appreciative. Especially when she left all the dishes in the sink, HA.

What was really fun was first, getting out my great-grandmother's china! It is beautiful and I'm not sure how they ate back in the early 1900's but there are about 5 different plate sizes and the same with bowls. And there must be 12 of each. I also have her crystal which is etched with flowers. It's SO pretty and I love to think about how it's been passed down through so many generations.

Then, my Dad brought a DVD that he made from old slides taken before I was born up to about the time I was 6 years old. They were amazing! The color and everything made them look like new photos. My mother was 21 when she had me and at 29 had 4 children already. And looked like she was 12 at the same time. Seeing photos of my relatives who are in their 70s and 80s back when they were 30, amazing. So much fun. Not to mention my obsession with all things 50s and 60s; the clothes, hair, decor, the old cars (which my father pointed out were NEW to them!). OH, and the furniture. We kept pointing out "I have that cabinet!" "Remember that sofa? Who has that now?" Memories....

I wish I could post some of the photos but I don't have them.... yet. In many of the photos where my mother was dressed to the nines in a long dress to go to some fancy party she said "OH, I MADE THAT DRESS! And that one, too!"

The legacy of sewing lives on. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Munki Munki Madness

munki munki

I'm finally going to dig into my stash of Munki Munki jammy scraps to make some patchwork squares which will become sachets for a friend's order. It's a little scary actually taking the blade to these HTF fabrics but I hope I can do it. The one with the camper vans is paired with lovely linen fabrics that I already had and can't believe how well they match the colors!

The dogs looks fantastic with some scraps of Essex linen/cotton blend.
munki munki

And here are some of my other delicious Munki fabrics waiting to be made into something fabulous. The one on top is my current favorite and I just succumbed to buying a quarter of a jammy leg on Etsy to get more! It's like drugs, you get a little and then....
munki munki

And finally, I scored some flannel Munki Munki at Marshall's yesterday in the way of Holiday or Christmas sweater PJs. These will be used with my other flannels from other PJs and I got enough to share in my shop as well!
Munki Munki Sweaters

Now if I can only carve out some time to sew!